Bimatoprost – a hair regrowth product, really?

Have you heard about Minoxidil – a famous prostate function increasing drug which turned out to be the same successful at hair regrowth? If not, check out this article.

However, it seems that Minoxidil isn’t the only dual purpose drug whose hair re-growth abilities have been found out just by accident. Recently, Bimatoprost which is more known as treatment for glaucoma and also a eye-drops for eyelash extension, have been discussed to be the same effective when it comes to stimulating hair re-growth.

While the cells of hair follicles are different from eyelash cells and thus at first it may seem that there is no way how Bimatoprost may influence the growth of both hair types, the results of several cases lead scientists to do more research and come to a solid conclusion.

Bimatoprost research

The research took place at University of Bradford where three experiments were carried out. During the first two, Bimatoprost eye-drops were applied to human’s scalp tissue and for the third the substance was applied to the bald spot of mice’s skin.


The results of experiments involving Bimatoprost were fascinating. During all three experiments, new hair started to grow on spots which were completely bold before.

The group of independent scientists later published an article on The FASEB Journal and came up with a conclusion the this particular study may start a chain reaction during which a new generation hair regrowth product may be created that would able to make hair regrowth possible using a completely different base – Bimatoprost.

Since it is clear that Bimatoprost works on different body hair types, with further research scientists can even make it possible to make even better hair growth products that works for all people with various hair types.


It is clear that Bimatoprost has a promising start and it also has been approved by US Food and Drug administration, however, the future use as hair regrowth product is very unclear.

Although the results of experiments are very well, in order for Bimatoprost to become a hair regrowth it needs to go through more research and it is not proven yet that by using the substance as hair regrowth product will not bring any serious side effects.

But are there any good news for ones who already are looking for an effective hair regrowth product and don’t want to wait years for Bimatoprost treatment?

Read Provillus reviewLuckily, as we mentioned in the beginning of article, Minoxidil is very similar to Bimatoprost and at first also wasn’ t considered as hair regrowth product but later proved to be very effective at dealing with hair loss.

Even more, in contrary to Bimatoprost, Minoxidil is already proven to be safe and very stable. If you are interested in Minoxidil as hair regrowth treatment, consider Provillus which is a hair regrowth supplement that contains it.

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