Bosley reviews – Does Bosley Work?

Are you sick of comments and looks about thin hair you have and bald spots which are clearly visible? Today hair loss is so common as never due to our lifestyle and genetically passed information by our ancestors. There are many people who just give up ad simply try to live with a fact that they will never have thick, beautiful hair again. But there is also another type of individuals who are looking for best solutions which could help to get lost hair and self-esteem. Nowadays thanks to advancing of pharmaceutical industry, new hair loss products start to appear like mushrooms after the rain. The fact is, most of those advertised products simply don’t work since there haven’t been enough research and work put in. Many manufacturers simply decide to go easiest route and make their products of cheap and ineffective ingredients. Although by doing those products become more affordable, the effectiveness drops heavily. This time we will take a look at Bosley hair products. Recently Bosley hair care company have launched various campaigns where their latest hair loss and hair regrowth products have advertised as somewhat unique and effective formula. The latest product line is called Bosley Professional Strength.

Does Bosley work?

It seems that Bosley is not transparent company and they don’t offer much information regarding their products. When visiting Bosley’s hair products website we only found their latest products which they put under a spotlight and promises fantastic results. As manufacturer advertises, Bosley works by stopping hair loss process and after a while promotes hair regrowth. Unfortunately, Bosley doesn’t provide with any clinical studies. It seems that manufacturer hopes that their clients will believe just claims and will buy the product immediately. It is important to take a look at all data the manufacturer can provide with. We were unable to find any solid scientific evidence which would support any of these claims.

With dozens of product reviewed, we have come to conclusion that it is unwise to choose products like Bosley which hasn’t been researched extensively since not only the effectiveness can not be proven, but also there is a chance of facing dangerous side effects.
Fortunately, when doing our own research we didn’t find any proof that Bosley may cause any side effects. But possibility of allergenic reaction still exists since Bosley doesn’t provide with ingredients list. Commercial secret? Very unlikely since the root problem behind hair loss is the same – increased DHT levels. Also, most of customer reviews we have found are negative(click to view in full size):

Bosley alternatives

If you are looking for effective hair regrowth and hair loss product, we suggest you to consider the following alternative.  Bosley just base their possible effectiveness on their own claims.
The following product has been proven as effective, comes with clinical research data, has positive customer feedback and also is suggested by doctors. har_vokse2If you are interested in an effective hair regrowth solution, Har Vokse is the best choice since it contains completely natural ingredients and has been developed by leading Norwegian doctor Erling Thomas who is specialized in hair loss treatment. There is also another choice – Provillus, but unfortunately it is not natural and recently due to change of the owner, the formula has been changed and the feedback is not that good anymore. So, we suggest you to consider Har Vokse which has a solid brand and research behind it.
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