Hair regrowth after chemotherapy

Chemotherapy to cure cancer is hard withstand but it is proven as effective in many cases. But fact is, there are many side effects to chemo and and hair loss is one of them. In fact, nausea and hair loss is the main reasons why patients tend to become thoughtfully and often choose other alternatives. Fortunately, for the most patients hair start to regrow after chemo has been ended.

The length of hair loss depends on how healthy hair was before as also the dosage and type of chemo which was applied. Medications which are used during chemo therapies are designed to attack and destroy rapidly growing cells, more specifically, cancer cells. Unfortunately, cancer cells are not only ones which have fast growing speed and there are times when hair producing cells are often damaged.

Although chemo therapy tend to cause all body hair fall out, there are people who only suffer hair loss in specific scalp areas. Before applying for chemo, you should make sure that your doctor calculates and explains the possible hair loss extend. In most cases hair loss appears during first to third week after chemotherapy has been started, but it is also possible that hair can fall out during the end sessions since patient may have stronger hair follicles.

If proper care is done, hair should start to re-grow gradually during third to six month. In order for full recovery, of course, it takes a longer time and special hair care may be needed. Since the chemicals which are given change the way how some body functions work, the texture of hair may be different what you had used to. Sometimes the hair may even change the shade. However, those changes are temporarily and after body will be removed all medication, normal hair regrow will appear.

How to treat hair after chemo?

It is strongly recommended not to use any chemical bases shampoos or conditioners since the period after chemo is time when hair and scalp is the most vulnerable. To washy any dirt and dead cells use natural shampoos that don’t irritate scalp area.

How to regrow hair after chemotherapy?

Well, for most of individuals hair regrowth after chemotherapy is just matter of time in which the medication using in chemo leaves body. However, there are a few methods which will let you to:

  1. Hide thin hair
  2. Increase the speed of hair growth

Wigs. If you have thin or no hair after chemo treatment, why not to consider wigs. While it’s true that it will not solve the root of the problem, it will give you back self confidence. It’s true that not all wigs always are good-looking or comfortable, but nowadays nearly everyone can find one which looks good and is also comfy. However, the price of wigs my vary drastically.

Hair regrowth products. Although there are many solutions which simply are no effective, we have reviewed dozens of different hair regrowth products and have found some really effective ones.

Read Har Vokse reviewSpecially for hair regrowth after chemo, we suggest you to consider Har Vokse for which we have received very positive feedback. Of course, there are few other potent hair regowth products, but they all contain some chemical ingredients which should be avoided by individuals who had undergo chemotherapy. Har Vokse, isntead, is 100% natural anti-hair loss and hair regrowth solution which is designed by leading Norwegian scientists.

If you really want to increase the speed of which hair regrows after chemotherapy, we believe Har Vokse is the most suitable product.

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