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Ahh, those messy foams, gels, sprays and other kind of products which are not so easy to use. Well, not all, but majority. In fact, instead of wet foams, there are hair regrowth products in pill form.

If you would live, let’s say, 20 years ago hair plugs were the only solution to hair loss but nowadays there are other solutions. Also, it is quite a painful procedure to get those hair plugs added. Luckily, thanks to advance of new technologies, laser can do wonders.

Today we will take a look at HairMax LaserComb which, as manufacturer has claimed, uses laser light which stops hair loss process and makes new hair to regrow. It’s advertised that as many as 80% per cent of people who have tried HairMax LaserComb was pleased with results.

HairMax LaserComb stimulates hair regrowth by encouraging the nutrition process in hair follicles. You may also be aware of fact that lasers can help for some people to get rid of excess hair since, if needed, instead of stimulating hair follicles, laser can bring permanent damage.

While the makers of LaserComb assures that their product works only by helping people who are suffering from hair loss, we found that there is just a little difference between those two drastically opposite procedures. In fact, just a small change in laser ray frequency can bring opposite results.

Reason for hair loss

There are many reasons why your hair is falling out, but one of the most common is that the cells around hair follicles start to tighten making hair growth process impossible. Fortunately, ingredients like minoxidil or grapefruit extract can reverse this process and promote healthy hair growth again.

Is HairMax LaserComb effective?

There are not many reviews left for HairMax LaserComb which makes the process of rating the efficiency of this specific laser quite hard. Most of ones we found only describes the product as remarkably effective, but as we know, nowadays it is easy to create a fake testimonials and customer feedback. However, we have added our own unique system for real customer to review this specific product. For the time being, me have received just a few reviews reporting the inefficiency of product.

Conclusion – HairMax LaserComb

Although HairMax LaserComb looks like product which can be used without worrying about the difficulty of treatment application, we don’t think that HairMax LaserComb is the best solution when it comes to choosing a truly effective and safe hair regrowth treatment.

There is a little difference between hair regrowth stimulating laser and hair removal treatment. If decide to try HairMax LaserComb, use it with extreme caution since the product is relatively new and there is a luck of reviews.

It is true that some hair regrowth products are hard to apply, but still, they are a lot more affordable and have been used by millions of people around the globe. Some are effective, while some not. Luckily, we have reviewed most and a few gems can be found.

Consider the following products if you are looking for a affordable, positively rated, safe and effective hair growth product.

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Rating: ★★★★★ 

Rating: ★★★★¼ 

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