Natural Hair Growth Remedies

There are many prescription hair growth remedies available, but they often come along with side effects which condemns the hair growth effect. As many people are asking for natural alternatives, pharmacists have developed some really effective hair regrowth product called Har Vokse.

If you are interested to learn more about this all-in-natural hair regrowth remedie, then take a look at Har Vokse review.But maybe for a start you are looking for methods which don’t require paying a few dozens dollars?

Scalp massage is a natural hair growth remedy which doesn’t cost anything. Just use your fingertips to lightly message through scalp area. Doing this you will increase the blood flow thus making your hair follicles nourished. It is very important that your hair roots receive all needed proteins and nutrients, otherwise hair will start to break or even stop the regeneration process making bald spots to appear.

It would also be good for the most effect if, like ancient Greeks centuries ago, you would use natural oils like olive oil or even something more exotic as coconut oil. Oil as natural substance works as a lubricant that will make your hair silky and not so stretched. Remember that your hair is live so don’t use shampoos so often since the application process can damage the proteins thus making hair weak. Oils, instead, contains large amounts of proteins that will restore the lost portion.

Reduce DHT levels

Like we already mentioned in the beginning, there are also natural hair growth products which are more effective than traditional methods and will stop hair loss process and promote healthy hair regrowth. Most of those supplements are designed to cure the most common types of Alopecia – a disease which is responsible for millions of hair loss patients.

It is scientifically proven that the DHT levels are the main cause of Alopecia and other similar hair loss illnesses. Basically DHT is a testosterone which is produced by our body in daily basis, but problems start when DHT is produced in large volumes. When DHT levels are high, it transforms in a hard substance that blocks the nourish process in hair roots thus making your hear dead. When hair is dead, is simply falls out. While DHT overproduction is more common for men, there also many female suffers.

Fortunately, there are natural hair growth remedies which can reduce DHT levels. In order for those products to work, they need to contain several effective ingredients. The most popular are Saw Palmetto, vitamin B and minoxidil. The last substance which is extracted from various plants is the one which efficiency is proven through many scientific researches.

Best Natural Hair Regrowth remedies

If you are looking for a natural hair growth remedy, we suggest you to consider Provillus which contains minoxidil, Saw palmetto and other effective natural ingredients. In fact, Provillus has become so popular since there have many fake copies appeared. Take a look at Provillus review to learn more about this natural hair growth remedy and to found a link to official Provillus website.
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