Profollica reviews

Profollica is a anti-hair loss and hair regrowth product which is designed to halt hair loss and promote healthy hair regrowth. Supplement actually consists of 3 different sub-products which needs to be applied one by one for the best results.

How does Profollica work?

Profollica is designed with the main goal to cure hair loss which is caused by too high DHT levels. DHT is a hormone which can found mostly in men, but there are females in whose body DHT also can be found. Normally DHT acts like androgen hormone and natural sex steroid as well, but unfortunately sometimes DHT overproduction can cause hair loss. Big amounts of DHT tend to create a bulk in scalp area which makes it difficult for hair follicles to produce healthy and strong hair.

Manufacturer describes Profollica as hair regrowth remedy which has abilities for controlling DHT, thus stopping the hair loss process and promoting hair regrowth.

How to use Profollica?

By taking a look at instruction we found that there is not much described. However, since we have encountered with several similar multi-stage products, we already know the basic steps which needs to be taken.

Firstly, you should apply the scalp cleanser that will remove the dirt and bulk which, otherwise, could reduce the effectiveness of whole procedure. Cleanser also will reinvigorate the scalp follicles and prepare the skin for further treatment.

After some minutes have passed after previous application, apply the shampoo to the hair and gently brush it into deeper so it would reach the skin of scalp. Wait some moments and wash your hair.

We found out that in some product packages there also an oil can be found which will nourish the hair roots and will make them stronger, more flexible and not so easy to break.

Profollica ingredients

We couldn’t find much info regarding the ingredients Profoliica contains. As we noticed on Amazon, product is made of plant extracts which have abilities to increase hair health and reduce DHT levels. It is very likely that product may include Vitamin B-12, iodine and several other substances.¬† You can found those ingredients in many similar hair regrowth products which are even more affordable.

Profollica side effects

Although we didn’t find much customer feedback while writing Profollica review, there can be a few men complaints found reporting the decrease of sexual desire. Also, while products containing natural extracts have a far less risk causing side effects, there is possibility of facing allergenic reactions. Since we didn’t find complete ingredient list, it is very risky to use product that may bring danger.

Conclusion – Is Profollica effective?

To sum up, we believe that Profollica can increase the health of hair and maybe this way stop hair loss for someone. But fact is, most hair loss is caused by too high DHT levels. The manufacturer promotes Profollica as DHT blocker but truth is, there are no ingredients which could achieve this result.

We strongly recommend you to consider the following products which contain really effective ingredients and have undergo many clinical studies. Only the most effective and safes products are suggested.

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